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Shade Covers

  • Why Install a Shade Cover

    They are good for providing shade and an architectural element thus adding dimension and enhancing the look of your home. Shade covers create a cool and covered area to enjoy the outdoors without completely blocking out the sunlight and elements.
  • Wood VS Aluminum

    Pros of wood: it is sturdy and can be walked on. It is natural looking and can be painted any color, it has more design flexibility, Cons of wood: is it requires repainting every 5 to 7 years, wood can crack and splinter, and it is susceptible to termites. Pros of aluminum: it doesn’t require repainting and it doesn’t splinter or crack. It is not susceptible to termites or rotting. Cons of aluminum is it has less paint choices and you cannot change the color once installed. It is less natural looking less sturdy, you cannot easily walk on it with out danger of denting it , if you need to paint or work on second story.

Solid Covers

  • Why build a Solid Cover

    A solid cover not only keeps the rain out and gives 100 percent shade. It also creates a wonderful outdoor living space. A sold cover provides an abundance of possibilities in out door living. An outdoor area for entertaining, eating, watching TV and enjoying the Southern California weather.
  • Outdoor Living Environments

    Installing a custom barbecue can include the grill, refrigerator, countertop for food preparation, eating and storage space. An outdoor fireplace or a fire pit is a cozy place to gather and can include seating. Skylights bring in the natural light and come in several different sizes ranging from 2 by 2 foot to 4 foot by 4 foot. They come in glass or plexi-glass and are either clear or tinted, with metal frames in white bronze or silver.
  • Types of Solid Covers

    The roofs can be either semi flat, gabled or a hip roof. A hip roof has the fascia the same level all the way around and is peaked in the middle. Semi flat covers typically have a rolled torched down roof while gable and hip roof match the roof that is on the house. Asphalt tiles or shake roof.


  • A-1 Patio's Decks

    A-1 patio & Remodeling installs and creates the beautiful decks for years of outdoor enjoyment. Types of Decks are… Ground Level Decks, they create a distinctive patio area for entertaining and enjoying. They create usable living space. They can have railing, walls and can even be partially or completely enclosed. Attached Second Story Decks / Balconies.... are extensions of indoor living; they offer a view of the surrounding scenery. Hillside Decks... are a great way to extend the useable area of the yard. Thy can also create views of surrounding canyons and landscape. Roof top Decks.... are flat roofs that can be converted into a deck. This means installing waterproof decking so as not to wear down a rooftop that is not designs for walking and living on. Installing railing and stairs makes the project complete.
  • Materials, design and Installation

    The most common type of deck is a plank deck which wood or composite decking is used. Composite decking is the leading edge in decking. There are many types and many manufacturer’s that have different colors and grains. It has become a very popular choice due to its durability and lack of needing maintenance. Redwood and Cedar can be used but is losing popularity due to the decling quality of the product. Hardwoods such as IPE and PAULOPE and MANGARIS, are durable and dense, they are fire resistant and rot and insect resistant. Douglas fir can be painted any color and needs to be repainted every few years depending on wear and usage. Solid /waterproof deck Such as dex a tex can have different colors and patterns or tiles or lightweight concrete. Railing Different types can be solid such as glass or stucco or wood siding or picket type, wood, aluminum, wrought iron, galvanized steel, composite, vinyl. The possibilities for decks are many and depending on what your design aesthetic, decks are fun and a great choice for your outdoor remodeling project. Decks can also be covered with a solid or shade cover and partially or completely enclosed.

Home Remodeling

  • Making your House a Home

    Remodeling, generally refers to the process of adding or changing a room or rooms and adding or changing architectural features. Hiring us as a general contractor, instead of individual specialty sub contractors is advantageous because we have extensive knowledge and experience in all phases of construction. We will know the ins and outs of how different elements fit and work together that a specialty company can easily overlook. We are well versed in the codes and regulations of all types of building and construction and are able to offer the homeowner their best options at one price.
  • Room Additions

    The first story addition is the most common type which involves adding square footage to the existing footprint of the home. This includes foundation walls and a roof. Our company strives to make the addition look as though it is part of the original structure. Second story additions involve removing a portion of the existing roof and constructing a new floor, walls and roof in its place, this is often done when there are space limitations on the property and/or to achieve a view. Although this may be a very intrusive project, if the home is occupied during the construction, we strive to limit the effect on the homeowner by leaving the ceiling framing. and drywall intack if possible. This will keep a separation between the work and the living areas and reduce the amount of construction noise and dust from entering the living area. A Garage conversion involves turning an existing garage into habitable living space. This is also done when there are space limitations on the property. This is a popular low budget option because the foundation walls and roof are already mostly completed, and usually all that is necessary is to add windows and interior modifications.
  • Kitchen Remodeling

    Our combination of price, quality and completion time separates us from the rest. Custom designed and built cabinetry is a specialty of our company in home kitchen remodels. They are often done when an existing kitchen is outdated or poorly configured. A-1 can include a complete redesign or as little as changing the cabinets, counters, fixtures and appliances. Remodeling your kitchen is also a great way to increase the value of your home. A beautiful kitchen is often the greatest factor in home owner satisfaction. Our remodeling team works closely with homeowners to design and build the perfect kitchen for the needs and budget of our clients. We are often able to complete a kitchen remodel in less than half the time as many other contractors because we are efficient in coordinating all the aspects of the job. Our combination of price, quality and completion time separates us from the rest. We offer design assistance, custom cabinetry or stock cabinetry. We install countertops and back splashes, flooring, plumbing, lighting and electrical appliance Installation.
  • Patio Enclosures

    An enclosure can offer more living space and enhance the quality of life in your home. A patio enclosure (sunroom, California room, garden room) is defined by most Southern California building departments as a non-habitable room. However many clients will spend more time in a patio enclosure than the rest of the house, due to the unique blending of the indoor and outdoor living environment it creates.
  • Types of Patio Enclosures

    The two main types of patio enclosures are modular rooms and standard frame construction rooms. Modular rooms utilize components such as windows, wall material, channeling and roof panels to construct a room in a relatively short period of time. The down side of this type of patio enclosure is that the room will not look like it is part of the original construction. A standard frame construction, (SFC) patio enclosure, on other hand utilizes the same materials as the existing house, thereby making it look like it was built as part of the original house. Ether way adding square footage and room to expand and grow may be a good choice for your home improvement menu.
  • Bathroom Remodeling

    From a simple vanity and fixture replacement to a complete redesign and reconstruction of your bathroom, we can do it all. There are many choices in fixtures and finishes and our company can help navigate through those choices to give you the bathroom of your vision. Custom cabinetry or stock cabinetry, shower and bath enclosures and installation. Throne rooms, plumbing, electrical, tile design and installation.
  • Other Interior Remodeling

    Our company has extensive knowledge and experience in all types of interior remodeling projects, including: Removing and installing walls, windows, doors, stairways and handrails, lighting and electrical modifications. Plumbing projects. sky lights, roofing, flooring installation, moldings, texturing and painting. Architectural Features Arches and columns Fireplaces Eaves, overhangs and cornices

A-1Patio does all types of Hardscape

  • Types of Material are…

    Hardscape refers to non-landscaped areas such as patios, driveways, walkways, walls, fire pits, fireplaces, barbecues and seatings, Types of Material are…
  • Here are some common applications we can do…

    ➢ Patios and Pool decks ➢ Walkways ➢ Driveways ➢ Walls ➢ Fireplaces ➢ Barbecues ➢ Seating
  • Gravel

    Gravel comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, it can be one of the least expensive ways to cover non-landscaped soil. It also helps with erosion control and drainage.
  • Decomposed Granite (DG)

    DG can also be inexpensive, and is generally used for a more rustic appearance in walkways. It comes in a variety of colors and an admixture can be used to harden the surface.
  • Concrete

    Generally concrete is widely used for patios it can be utilized in many different applications. Grey, is the basic concrete that is the least expensive and most commonly used application. It can be stained or dyed to enhance the look and change the color. Colored concrete comes in a wide variety of integral colors to coordinate with desired color scheme of the project.
  • Concrete finishes comes in…

    Broom finish which is the most commonly used. Rock salt finish makes a variation and small holes in the concrete and has lost popularity in the last few decades Sand finish is achieved by removing some of the to layer of cement through mechanical or chemical means. And creates a less slippery surface., rock salt finish used to be a popular method for this also but has lost popularity in the last several decades exposed aggregate is an even more aggressive removal of the top layers of cement thereby exposing the gravel used in the concrete mix. Often seeding the top layer of the concrete with a more colorful gravel is a popular technique for adding interest to the final look Stamped concrete has become a very popular option mainly because of the wide variety of patterns and textures that are available. Patterns textures and colors that can be used to create the desired effect
  • Pavers/ Bricks

    Can be installed over a sand base or a concrete base and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and patterns. They have become a popular choice due to their relatively low cost, ( about the same as stamped concrete).they also have an appealing aesthetic.
  • Stones

    Such as flagstone, quartzite and slate also may be installed over a sand or a concrete base, although it is generally more expensive than other options the results are often stunning.
  • Tile

    Over a concrete base can also be a more costly option, but often the most logical option depending on the existing or desired scheme of the home and the yard. (for example often there is a desire to create an indoor/outdoor space and continuing existing indoor tiles onto the patio will achieve this. ) At A-1 Patio & Remodeling Experts we know that a great home remodeling project, whether it is outdoors or indoors often has many components. We strive to work closely with our clients to have the best looking and highest quality construction.